Stakeholder dialogue research

The dialogue in general, and the stakeholder dialogue in particular, are seen nowadays as instruments for facilitating effective communication between company, government, NGOs, science and other societal groups. The word dialogue has become a very popular phrase in management, and is often used to describe the collective forms of corporate interaction and communication. Sometimes it is part of a deliberate strategy to boost a company’s PR campaign. However, more and more managers are becoming genuinely interested in engaging in dialogue, not lastly due to good understanding of their own interest. Very often though, they do not have a clear understanding of the stakeholder dialogue and the strategies accompanying it.

The file to be downloaded below is an English translation of chapter two from the Dutch booklet “the Strategic Stakeholder Dialogue” (Van Tulder, Kaptein, van Mil and Schilpzand, 2004). The remainder of the booklet can be obtained as a pdf file (only in Dutch).

Download the full booklet “the Strategic Stakeholder Dialogue” (pdf)
(only available in Dutch)

Download the translated chapter 2 of the report (pdf)