Reputation research

Corporate communication is a management instrument that harmonises all consciously used forms of internal and external communication as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to achieve a positive corporate reputation. Nearly every university in the Netherlands pays attention to scientific studies concerning communication. Generally the social-scientific approach to questions concerning mass communication and public relations are focused on. Further concentration on the role of communication for companies receives far less attention and is furthermore one-sidedly directed at public relations or marketing communication. By means of research and education in corporate communication, the Corporate Communication Centre (CCC), in cooperation with the Erasmus University, gives integrated attention to the aforementioned topics. This approach is momentarily unique in the Netherlands. The Corporate Communication Centre is a joint initiative of the Erasmus University and the business community, and aims to develop and expand knowledge in the field of corporate communication. The director of the Corporate Communication Centre is prof.dr. C.B.M. van Riel, professor of Corporate Communication at our University.

The Corporate Communication Centre conducts scientific research as well as applied research for the business community. Furthermore, the Corporate Communication Centre offers training in corporate communication for CEO's, executive courses, in-company courses, summer courses and courses for graduate students in Business Administration at the Erasmus University.

The most advanced knowledge in the field of Corporate Communication is being translated to the academic world and to the business environment not only by offering training and executive courses, but also through the organization of seminars, and via two scientific journals, namely the international journal Corporate Reputation Review' and the Dutch 'Journal of Strategic Business Communication'. and

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