Issue dossiers

Issue dossiers present some of the themes that are introduced in the book in a much more elaborate form. Each dossier describes a particular sustainability challenge. The dossier introduces the theme and describes some of its most important dimensions. Many of the themes involve a large number of issues as distinguished in chapter 10 (The Stakes) of the book. Therefore, the dossier tries to place a number of the issues in their societal context (the societal triangle). Next, the dossier sketches the issue from an actors perspective and shows how different actors might come to different (often rival) insights on the particular issue(s). Not only do opinions differ on possible solutions, very often opinions already differ fundamentally on the diagnosis of the problem - leading to rival definitions of the problem. If the latter is the case, an issue dossier should also sketch the bandwidth of definitions. Finally, the dossiers also speculate about the possible outlook of a sustainable (corporate) story, which includes strategic as well as operational challenges. The dossiers aim at providing supporting material, literature references and websites for further [in-depth] studies of these issues or discussion in class. Potential authors for other issue dossiers (or updates of the present dossiers) are invited to contact the authors.
Issue dossier: Sustainability Challenges Download PDF
Challenge #1: Fair access to resources (213 kb, 8 pages)
Challenge #2: Ecology trading-off public and private (209 kb, 9 pages)
Challenge #3: Health trading-off profit and non-profit

extra Health download: HIV/AIDS, access to medicine

(232 kb, 11 pages)

(1,8 MB, 77 pages)


Challenge #4: Rival CSR regimes
(230 kb, 11 pages)
Challenge #5: Sustainable growth (334 kb, 18 pages)
Challenge #6: Fiduciary duties (237 kb, 8 pages)
Challenge #7: Caveats being first in CSR (196 kb, 5 pages)
Challenge #8: Genetic Modification (224 kb , 15 pages)
Challenge #9: Resourse Curse (192 kb, 25 pages)
Challenge #10: Publiek-Private Samenwerking (in Dutch)

Challenge #11: Poverty Alleviation as Big Business

Challenge #12: From Chain Liability to Chain Responsibility

Challenge #13: Three Challenges to the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)

Challenge #14: Window Dressing

Challenge #15: Sustainable (bio) energy

Challenge #16: Certification as sustainable self-regulation

Challenge #17: Stakeholders and the Issue Life Cycle (ILC)

Challenge #18: Sustainability Indices

Challenge #19: International (CSR) Transition Trajectories

(460 kb, 16 pages)

(279 kb, 20 pages)

(188 kb, 16 pages)

(128 kb, 4 pages)

(213 kb, 15 pages)

(354 kb, 32 pages)

(465 kb, 34 pages)

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(337 kb, 36 pages)

(265 kb, 27 pages)