Endorsements “International Business-Society Management”

“I“...quite encyclopaedic in coverage, the authors brilliantly summarize the contributions of a wide variety of scholarly disciplines in their review of the ways in which the interaction between the main constituents of capitalism can help to advance wealth-creating goals in a socially acceptable way. [..] Furthering CSR is one of the main interests of the authors, and their analysis of this topic and the recommendation for action is one of the very best I have read on the topic.”

Professor John H. Dunning, Senior Economic Adviser at UNCTAD in Geneva

“Finally! A book that bridges the chasm between globalization and corporate responsibility. Researchers have pretended for decades that we live in two separate worlds. Now, demonstrating their solid grasp on both worlds, the authors explain what managers have known all along-that CSR and International Business belong together."

Thomas Donaldson, Mark O. Winkelman Professor, The Wharton School

“Van Tulder with Van der Zwart have produced an intelligent, comprehensive work, well-grounded in theory and research.  The book's focus on rivalry and bargaining among and between institutions, organizations, and individuals is especially fruitful.”

Donna J. Wood, Ph.D., The David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics,
University of Northern Iowa

“An excellent book on Issue Management, dialogue and corporate reputation. Offers much more than 'some cases from history', deserves a place on every corporate communications practitioners desk.”

Tim van Kooten, Shell issue manager from 1994-2004

International Business - Society Management is a very ambitious, and very successful, attempt to integrate the fields of International Business and Business and Society. It is rigorous, systematic and comprehensive and demonstrates mastery of a very broad range of knowledge. It deserves a wide readership.”

Stephen J. Kobrin, William Wurster Professor of Multinational
Management The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

“It is so refreshing to read a book that addresses the complex issues of business and society in a globalizing world in such a coherent, balanced, and well-argued manner. The richness of the book's empirical evidence, the diverse case studies, and the quality of its intellectual argument produces a compelling case for building an international stakeholder dialogue. It needs to be read by academics and practioners alike.”

Peter Dicken , Emeritus Professor of Economic Geography, University of Manchester

“Corporate responsibility has gone global! In this timely assessment of the challenges of the 21st century global socio-political context for business, Van Tulder with Van der Zwart offer a broad and insightful analysis and rich case examples to show how societal interface management is the key to sustaining corporate reputation”

Craig Smith, Senior Associate Dean, MBA Programme and
Senior Fellow in Marketing and Ethics, London Business School

'A timely, very well written and logically structured volume that should be compulsory reading for anyone interested in the theoretical foundations and the practical dimensions of international corporate responsibility issues. The book covers a complex and contested field that should be part of international business curricula and the overall strategy of the firm.'

Daniël Van Den Bulcke, Emeritus Professor of International
Management and Development, University of Antwerp

“Much has been written and asserted about the interactions of states, business, and economic globalization in the contemporary era, but too much of this literature has contained bald assertions regarding this new world of business and politisc. Much of that literature has been influenced by ideological biases and has lacked adequate supporting evidence for its arguments. Now, in their path-breaking study, International Business –Society Management: Linking Corporate Responsibility and Globalization,  the authors combine empirical analyses and ethical considerations  to develop a conceptual framework entitled Societal Interface  Management as a means to understand and guide  business responsibility in the transformed world of the twentieth-first  century globalized international economy. This book should be required reading for business leaders and scholars of international relations.

Robert Gilpin, Professor of Public and International Affairs emeritus, Princeton University

“I learned more about issues, ideas, insights and facts on the intersections of market, civil society and the state (the societal institutions businesses are embedded in) than in many a publication devoted to those institutions and their inter-relations themselves.” […] “The challenge of governance becomes translated into the challenge of ‘corporate governance ’ and the institutional void linked to the bargaining society that necessitates all sorts of new arrangements on the interface between public and private. Yet in this sense the book deals directly with major governance issues in the modern world, those which anyone interested in working with state, market and civil society and their interrelations, in other words with governance in all its modalities, would do well to take notice of.”

Jan Kooiman, in Public Administration Vol. 85, No. 3, 2007 (857–883)