Business ethics research

Ethicon is the research centre in the field of ethics, integrity and sustainability of the Department. In 2002, Ethicon assisted the board of the Erasmus University in the development of a code of integrity for all employees and students. Ethicon has also developed a dilemma game, which can be used by each Department and group of students. The aim is to provide in depth normative studies of the ways international business forms may handle these intricate problems and may develop their ethical profile. These studies are based on: an analysis of extensive sets of data concerning existing ethical codes of leading international business firms and an analysis of the profound debates in business ethics and academic philosophy in general on issues in meta-ethics (relativism, ethical objectivism), normative theory (the role and impact of normative constraints, the balancing of moral responsibilities) and applied ethics (ethical accounting, case studies).

The centre's job is to contribute to the understanding of ways in which international firms may develop their distinctive identity as morally responsible agents, taking the development and implementations of an ethics codes as the main vehicle of doing so. and